The daughter could not be born if it were not for the right choice of parents

The daughter might not have been born, but the parents did as their hearts told them.

Now a mother of many children blogs about her beloved children.

The doctors told the Dastans that the triplets were born prematurely, so urgent action is needed

The daughter could not be born to the family of Chloe and Roan Dastan. There were a few weeks left before the birth when the doctors informed the Dastans that everything was not going so smoothly.

A girl can be born with a pathology, she was at risk, so her parents were faced with a difficult choice. Chloe and Roan left all three children despite the doctors’ warnings. After all, now they risked all the triplets. All that remained was to pray and hope that everything would be fine with the children.

Chloe said that all the children are dear to her, so she will leave all three. The baby from the triplets was born weighing 600 grams. For about five weeks, Chloe was next to the girl in the hospital while her daughter gained strength.

And at home, healthy newborn sons were waiting for her. Glory to the Almighty, all the children were born without pathologies! The boys gained weight well, they were under the supervision of a loving dad. In addition to triplets, the family already had three children. The happy head of the family could not wait for the whole family to be assembled. Everyone was waiting for the mother and daughter to return home.

A mother of many children writes a touching blog about the exciting life of children.

Mom does not even want to think about the fact that her daughter could not be born. It is such a happiness to be the mother of such a flower garden. The woman now runs the blog “Floya and the Beans”, where she talks about how they all relax together, go shopping, cook, and just enjoy each other.

The blog has over 350 thousand subscribers. All of them rejoice, worry, cheer up and pray for the Dastan family in difficult times.

If you want to complain about your couple of kids, then you should definitely look at Chloe’s page.

Perhaps this is the most peaceful and happy family. They enjoy life despite what they have been through.

This is what real happiness looks like! — the beautiful mother Chloe signed the picture.

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