The daughter-in-law received an inheritance from her grandfather. And became the best for the mother-in-law

No matter how trite it may sound, Galina Eduardovna immediately disliked her future daughter-in-law. It is not known why she didn’t like her – she has an education, dad and mom raised their beloved daughter correctly, but one thing … Taya lived before arriving in the capital in a small town, she didn’t have a living space and family decorations.

Dad, though she comes from a very wealthy family after he introduced his future wife to his parents, his mother set a condition for him – either you part with the bride and live, as before, using all the benefits of the father – professor, or we don’t know you and we don’t want to see either you or yours… Here his mother spoke not very civilly, we won’t repeat it!

Taya’s father chose a mother and daughter, whose life was just beginning. The parents, as promised, did just that – they forgot forever that they have a son and some kind of daughter-in-law. They did not even know about the granddaughter. Taisya’s family was ordinary, they did not live in poverty, but they did not show off either. Well, how could a potential mother-in-law admit that her boy, her Andrey would choose an unknown person as her companion?

But Andrey was firm in his decision because he loved his Taya very much and Galina Eduardovna had to put up with it. The young people got married and did not live with their parents, immediately after the wedding they rented a cozy apartment. No, Galina Eduardovna did not come running with checks, did not audit the refrigerator, and did not look for dust on the mezzanines. She simply did not notice her daughter-in-law, as if she did not exist.

Taya and Andrey lived peacefully, in love and harmony. A year has passed since the wedding when an event occurred that no one expected. Taya’s grandfather has gone to another world. As it turned out, he made inquiries about his son’s life, knew about his granddaughter, wanted to come and apologize for having succumbed to his wife’s persuasion, and deleted his son from his life.

But the disease prevented him from carrying out his plans and leaving, he told his wife, Taya’s grandmother everything and took a promise from his wife. He said that he felt guilty before his son’s family and made his wife swear that all their considerable property would be bequeathed to a granddaughter whom they had never seen.

Taya’s grandmother loved her husband and kept her promise. As soon as all the troubles associated with the departure of her husband passed, she went to the notary and wrote a will. She did not survive her husband much, longing for the departed did not allow her to stay long in this world without him.

This is how Taisiya became the owner of a luxurious apartment in the capital, a summer residence, and many pleasant and expensive things. Taya’s father was the only son, so there were no problems regarding the property. Taya turned into a rich lady, and Andrey, her husband, on some impulse shared this event with Galina Eduardovna.

Her attitude towards her daughter-in-law immediately changed. Taya became beloved, how much praise she heard in her address, her mother-in-law began to adore her daughter-in-law. Andrey and Taya moved to a new home.

Everything here was a novelty for a woman, she was used to simple living conditions, but here both the housekeeper, who remained in her previous position and the summer residence, can live happily ever after. Galina Eduardovna began to visit the young often. Suddenly there was an interest in some property that could be sold and help Andrey’s brother buy an apartment.

These conversations became constant and Taya almost agreed, but then Andrey intervened. His brother never worked, he led wildlife at the expense of his mother, and why should they suddenly buy an apartment for him.

– Expensive! Andrey said to his wife.

– I am against the fact that part of your inheritance went to my unlucky brother. I want a big family and we’d better spend this money on our children.

Taya agreed with him. And really, why should she give property to strangers! But the mother-in-law did not let up, the requests began to look like demands.

Taya’s father suggested a way out of the situation. He slowly rewrote everything in his name. How he did it, Taya did not ask, she completely trusted her loved one. She had nothing to worry about, she was also an only child.

When Galina Eduardovna once again started talking about her youngest son, Andrey said:

– Mom, let’s stop these conversations, especially since you are not aware of the situation. All property was bequeathed to my father-in-law, Taya has no right to dispose of it.

This proved to be a huge blow to the mother-in-law.

– How about the father-in-law? Why do you live in this apartment?

Because he let us live here.

– But he will not leave his daughter without anything!

– I don’t know his plans, but everything belongs to him. So let Igor himself take care of his housing.Galina Eduardovna was very indignant! She has already seen her youngest son in a new apartment, and here is such an embarrassment. Naturally, she stopped praising her daughter-in-law and stopped communicating with her.

Taya, to be honest, breathed a sigh of relief! Finally, these unnecessary and unpleasant conversations, hints, and demands are over. Let them again be left without their husband’s mother, but Andrey is already used to the fact that only Igor has always existed for his mother.

And father-in-law well done! He realized that Galina Eduardovna would eventually insist on her own and chop off from her daughter what she had no right to.

– Who’s the best? I’m the best! Listen to your old father, I will always help you!

– Well, you are not old! Thanks for the help, dad! You are the best!

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