The dog cried with happiness when she saw her former trainer again (video)

I couldn’t contain so much excitement to see him again.

When a dog was reunited with her old police trainer, she sobbed with joy. Since this dog served her for a number of years in the Xichuan police in China. She was removed from the police in 2019 when she was 8 years old. She responded movingly, though, since she never forgot her dear buddy.

Her breed is German Shepherd. Due to her advanced age, she was forced to resign after serving in the police. This dog never forgot her former trainer’s voice, scent, or anything else, despite the passage of time. They were able to develop a really unique relationship during their time together.

Wangwang is the name of this b*tch. She was sent to a last home after being removed from the police. In order for this dog to live her latter adult years more peacefully.

The coach was formerly patrolling the area around Wangwang’s new home. So he made the choice to see her. He continued to stand outside the home and yelled for her. The police dog immediately ran to the officer, who was readily recognized by her.

Watching her response was very emotional. She even caught happy tears streaming down her face. She was very upset and unable to contain it. It appeared as though they were still working together on the exercise. She gave it a quick sniff before moving closer to the officer so he could pat her.

A touching video was made to document this reunion. which spread like wildfire across social media. You can notice the tears in the dog’s eyes by concentrating on her face. It’s amazing how much affection our dogs are ready to provide.

Wangwang was meant to return to patrol after the policeman had visited her. Unexpectedly, she resisted letting him go. As though not wanting to let go of the grandmaster from her, she sat close next to her. She only desired more fun and playtime with him. She unmistakably conveys how much she missed him.

This dog wept joyfully because she still loved her old trainer. It is an illustration of their potential for love and memory. You may take in the scene in the video below. Please share this touching tale and let us know what you thought of this beautiful event.

Watch the video below to see Wangwang’s heartbreaking reunion.

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