The dog doesn’t leave his best friend’s grave

This touching story takes place in America. A dog named Gaspar was a cheerful and affectionate boy, but unfortunately, due to  illness, the dog passed away. His entire family mourned the animal, including a dog named Kaya, with whom they were close friends and spent a lot of time together.

These dogs were very friendly and loved spending time together. And when Gaspar died, Kaya seemed to understand everything, yearned and felt the loss. When, a few days later, the owners of Kaya went to the owners of the dog, taking their dog with them, they could not believe their eyes.

Gaspar’s owners had buried the dog in the garden, and as if sensing it, Kaya came and lay down on the ground beside it. According to the owners, the dog spent so much time. She mourns her friend and all family members.

The owners are sure that even when Gaspar is not there, he will always be by Kaya’s side and all those who love him. This is how wonderful and dedicated animal friendships can be.

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