The dog kissed each puppy taken away by humans (video)

Rainbow, the homeless pit bull, had no desire to be around people. Life on the street had taught her to be cautious and suspicious, but something happened that no intelligent animal could have predicted. California was hit by a storm with record rains 48 hours after the birth of her puppies. Rainbow hid the newborn puppies in the bushes, but the family’s chances of survival were slim. I had to reluctantly trust others. 

Rainbow was not driven from everywhere. Local residents, on the other hand, have repeatedly noticed her in recent months and attempted to feed or transport her to a shelter. But the dog was always running away. And when a thunderstorm erupted, the rescuers who had responded to an emergency call for a long time couldn’t figure out where she was hiding with the puppies. The bushes are an untrustworthy hiding place, but finding a small object in them at night, in the rain, and with flashlights was difficult. And the storm got worse.

Found! Now it was a matter of winning the trust of Rainbow Dash, who might have slipped away out of habit but hadn’t abandoned the puppies. Will it be able to defend, attack, or be euthanized? But everything was done with affection and a few bites of food. 

The rescuer carefully dragged the puppy outside, away from the makeshift den. Rainbow began, alerted, and… licked the baby’s nose. Everything will be fine as if to reassure. People took the puppies out one by one, each receiving a farewell kiss from their mother. The dog remained in the den, unaware of where its children were being taken. 

Rainbow did not fight back when she was dragged from the bushes and placed in a cage. The rain intensified and it was time to get out of the street in a safe shelter. People, dogs, equipment – everything was soaked through, and in addition, due to a thunderstorm, the electricity went out, so it was necessary to settle in the shelter and conduct an examination of the rescued at the veterinarian by the light of flashlights.

The rescue operation resulted in a thin, needy, but otherwise healthy mother dog and eight adorable puppies. They were named after the elements in memory of the conditions under which they appeared at the shelter: Thunder, Breeze, Fog, Flash, Lightning, Storm, and the two smallest – Droplet and Drizzle. Rainbow transformed before our eyes into the friendliest dog on the planet, as if she wanted to make up for all the days she had gone without human care. 

Puppies are maturing and will soon be ready for new homes. Rainbow is no longer shy of people and she doesn’t mind her kids getting families of their own as well.

A touching video of the rescue operation:


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