The dog lived for 6 years in a closed box. She even forgot how to walk and definitely did not expect anything good

When Shira Astroph saw this dog, she immediately gave it a new name. After all, it was necessary to cross out the terrible past in order to light the way to a brighter future.

Now, this animal is called Ruby. The dog is surrounded by love and care, it is cared for, treated, and invested with soul. In response, she gives a lot of love and affection!

But just recently, Ruby was found in a terrible state. A ten-month-old puppy was taken into the house healthy and vigorous. But after six years, he turned into a sick and exhausted animal.

The police were informed about the cruel treatment of the dog. When the police arrived at the address, they were shocked. In front of them was an emaciated creature weighing 18 kg! At the same time, his hind legs atrophied.

As it turned out, the poor fellow was kept in a cramped wooden box. Immobilized, the dog forgot how to walk. In addition, she was clearly beaten and tortured because she was psychologically depressed.

But Shira decided that she would put Ruby back on her feet. And an amazing thing! Very quickly, the animal believed people! His psyche recovered, but with the physical form, everything is much worse.

There are already many procedures and treatments behind, and the weight of the poor thing is still only 19 kg. And now Ruby is doing massage, and acupuncture. The dog is undergoing aqua therapy sessions.

Ruby also showed an unusual addiction. The dog loves classical music! The girl adores the pet and believes that this is the best gift of fate, even though many animals have already passed through her hands. However, it was Ruby who forever settled in her heart!

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