The dog looked gratefully at the girl who saved her from the train (video)

A resident of the United States accidentally found out about an abandoned dog that wandered along the railroad tracks. The frightened poor fellow did not know where to go, and her life was in danger.

A US resident named Nina Love often helps homeless animals and saves them from difficult situations. This time, a story happened that left a mark on her heart. From social media, she learned about a dog that wandered in a park near the railway tracks.

She immediately went there with her partner to help the poor fellow. However, it was not easy to catch her – the dog was afraid and constantly ran away. Her life was in danger because the train was due to arrive soon. But the girl did not give up.

The girl’s partner took her dog with her, and with her help, the poor thing was finally caught. Apparently, next to a relative, a homeless dog felt safe and confident. The partner managed to catch the dog, and she was unharmed. Literally, a few seconds after that, a train appeared, from which the whole team successfully saved the dog.

Nina was happy to tears – she managed to save a small life. She took the dog to her for recovery and is now looking for an overexposure for her, as she cannot keep her. When the dog recovers, permanent owners will be found for it.

Dog rescue video:

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