The dog met his “twin” on the street and persuaded his owner to take him home right away

Admit it, if you saw someone who looked just like you, you’d definitely approach him and say “hello.” So when Bethany Colman and her dog, Rogue, went on a stroll and saw a dog that looked like the one she had on a leash, they instinctively stopped. And thus the story started.

Bethany Colman and her dog Rogue were going around the market when they came upon Beast.

The fact is that on that day at the farmers market, the local animal shelter arranged a fair with the participation of their dogs, which, perhaps, someone would like to take home.

The most intriguing aspect was that Beast was a male version of Rogue.

Bethany had no intention of getting another pet at first, but when she met her dog’s “twin,” she fell in love with him right away, and Rogue was overjoyed with him as well.

Rogue and Beast quickly began sniffing and playing with each other.

Tyson, Bethany’s lover, had long desired another puppy, but the woman was determined. And this unusual case made her change her mind. She called her boyfriend and said she met a dog she wants to take home.

An 8-month-old puppy turned out to be a mixture of a terrier and someone else and became a new member of a large family.

Tyson and Bethany already have two cats and one dog, but they couldn’t help but accept Beast.

Of course, like any sibling, Rogue and Beast had some communication issues at first.

They took away each other’s toys and fought for the attention of the owners.

But now everything is fine and the dogs are friends.

Beast gained weight and became considerably more remarkable than Rogue, who remained a small dog. T

he family has now relocated to Hawaii, where their dogs can run around on the beach and hunt crabs.

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