The dog named Kittey is the only animal living in this hotel, where everyone just adores him

Agreed, a world without animals would be incredibly depressing.

When they first enter our lives, they are eager to give us all of their love and provide us with lifelong memories.

In essence, individuals want to unwind as much as possible when on vacation, therefore they should start by picking a cozy hotel.

But unlike other hotels, this one has discovered a fantastic approach to guarantee the total relaxation of its visitors.

Every visitor has an extraordinary experience here that they will all undoubtedly remember for the rest of their life.

The objective is that you will be shocked to discover the name of the 6-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog that resides on Colorado St.

Meet Kittey Jacob, the first animal to reside on this hotel’s grounds.

Kittey’s arrival delivered a huge bundle of happiness, instantly making everyone who visits feel welcome.

Everyone in this place, from the hotel guests to the entire staff, absolutely adores him. He spends all of his time amusing them and playing with them.

If required, he also aids the hotel employees. Kittey enjoys cuddling the most, and he can do it continuously without growing weary.

He makes their relaxation more enjoyable as a result of that. Here are some more images of our adorable Kittey for you to enjoy right now.

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