The dog roamed the streets with food in its mouth, looking for lost puppies…

“She dreamed of feeding them!”

There was a box in an open field.

Recently, an unknown person called the office of the Romanian rescue service Barking Mad Dog Rescue. He said that he found a dilapidated shoe box in a field outside the city, and in it were six newborn puppies! The man asked to come as soon as possible and pick them up, as the kids, apparently, did not have long to live …

Volunteers immediately went to the indicated point and indeed found a box with dogs. The babies were only 1 day old! The crumbs were completely frozen and barely squeaked …

Rescuers brought the puppies to their center and handed them over to the care of one of the working girls, Hilary Anderson. It was planned that in the near future she would feed the foundlings every two hours, keep them warm and do everything for them to survive and recover!

However, very soon the girl came up with the best plan for the puppies.

Single mother.

Hilary remembered that a couple of days ago, a dog was brought to the shelter, which had recently given birth. Her body was still producing milk, but there were no children near her! The poor thing was found when she wandered the streets with food in her mouth, whining and looking into all corners. It was clear that she was looking for her lost puppies (probably only a few weeks old) and was eager to feed them.

Volunteers were knocked down trying to find the loss, but the search did not lead to anything. Someone deliberately separated mother and children …

This dog was sad and ate poorly, staring at one point for a long time. It was to her that Hilary brought crumbs picked up in the field!

As soon as the mother dog saw who was in the box, she immediately rushed to the fluffy lumps and began to lick them. Yes, and they immediately reached for the chest and began to actively eat! Thus, out of two incomplete families, one whole and happy one turned out.

Now, while the foundlings are growing up, they are not afraid of anything – they are under the reliable protection of their beloved parent! Well, after that, when she teaches foster children small dog tricks, they can find a home and loving hands.

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