The dog used all his strength to cry and call for someone’s help after getting stuck on the asphalt

The poor dog was begging for help.

In search of a comfortable spot to rest, an abandoned dog in Suwaki, Poland, sat down on newly spilled tar. Unfortunately, the dog didn’t know he was stuck until he began to yelp for help. The dog was crying out for assistance, and the adjacent employees could hear him.

When they arrived and saw the puppy, they immediately made contact with Joanna Godlewska of the Niczyje Animal Foundation. The brave animal was able to peel his snout clear of the tar so that he could bark and breathe.

Animal rescuers gently removed the dog’s hair with the aid of local fire departments and police agencies. The crew ultimately succeeded in removing the dog’s body from the tar.

The dog was then brought to the veterinarian for a checkup and to get recovery medicine for weariness. Over a hundred ticks were retrieved from his body.

The dog received repeated washes to remove the leftover tar from his fur and paws before being given a cozy bed and a hot dinner. Thankfully, the dog began to feel better, and his minor head injuries were also treated.

Farcik, the adorable dog, is slowly learning to walk and will stay with his rescuers until he is fully recovered. When he has recovered completely, he will be put up for adoption. We want him to have a permanent home and a quick recovery.

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