The dog was in such a condition that there was no hope he would survive, but his guardian angel appeared at the exact time

Once a call was made about a dog that was still and laying in a crate.

When they got there, they saw a miserable dog that was starving to death and coated in excrement.

When they hurried the puppy into the clinic, the doctors there got to work right away.

There was no chance he would live because he was not moving at all, but Elizabeth, a loving veterinarian, intervened to save the puppy.

After giving the dog a warm bath and providing it with great care for the following few days, the veterinarian was able to elevate the canine’s low body temperature.

She spoke to the dog repeatedly, expressing her affection for him. It appeared as though the dog felt and comprehended everything but was unable to respond.

She gave the dog the name Sophie and grew so close to him that she decided to also adopt the baby.

The dog’s condition got better every day, and he was eating his favorite meals and had even gotten his appetite back.

When he heard the sound of his mother giving him his favorite goodies, he would start wagging his tail joyfully.

Now that the adorable puppy has totally healed, he lives with the kindest family, who loves him to death.

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