The elephant, who spent almost all his life in prison, was simply fascinated by the classical music played by the talented pianist (video)

The notion that music feeds the soul is one that I believe is shared by many people, and as it just came to light, it also applies to animals.

Paul is an accomplished musician and a huge admirer of the outdoors.

Combining the two, he began the amazing endeavor of writing classical music for elephants that had been saved.

When an old elephant with a troubled background heard Paul perform, she fell in love at once.

The animal, who had lived in a cage for most of his life, stood and listened in awe.

He seemed to have just been freed up to that point. The brilliant pianist’s unusual method of conversing with the wild animal captivated him.

The creature made the choice to go a bit nearer to the piano so it could hear the music a little better.

Paul was playing classical music, and it appeared for a little period that everything had come to a standstill.

Paul has also brought happiness to many other elephants, most of which were saved from illicit wildlife trades.

Most animals responded well to such gentle handling, but in the case of this elephant, everything was totally different.

You want to savor that exhilarating moment again and over again. Additionally, you may see it by accessing the video at the article’s conclusion.

Elephants, however, frequently fall prey to exploitation and live their whole lives in captivity.

They are compelled to dwell in the dark and are unsure of whether they will ever truly be free.

The piano music seemed to be soothing to their broken hearts.

The performer and the animal are quickly brought together by something beautiful, and the classical music, of course, gave the animals all the comfort they required.

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