The emaciated husky with different eyes was abandoned by the owners! How can a domestic dog survive on the street?

A very young thoroughbred dog once found himself on the street …

Husky was about a year old when he was abandoned by his owners. The confused animal tried to survive by wandering the streets of Phuket, Thailand.

The pet has amazingly beautiful eyes of different colors. When caring people found him, he was severely emaciated and suffered from scabies.

Passersby reported the sick animal to the Soi Dog Foundation, a humane dog rescue society.

By the way, in Thailand, the Husky is considered one of the most popular dogs. Local residents are very fond of this breed, but, unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous owners.

Huskies are unusually energetic and active dogs that require attention and, of course, time. While the pet is still small, it resembles a large plush toy, but over time the animal grows up and needs more attention.

Probably, the former owners of our hero simply did not cope with their duties.

The baby was named Nessie. Unfortunately, she had many health problems – from anemia and sarcoptic mange (due to ticks, hair falls out and the animal suffers from itching), and ending with inflammation of the eyes and wounds on the paws …

Veterinarians say that the previous owner did not pay attention to the dog at all and fed it poorly!

Despite feeling unwell and experiencing betrayal, the husky waved his tail in a friendly way to his rescuers.

The animal was ready to kiss anyone who simply paid attention to it. Husky was drawn to people and longed to communicate with them.

Volunteers from the shelter came to grips with the treatment of Nessie. Within two weeks, the baby felt much better, and after two months, the animal’s coat began to recover.

And now the dog is smiling!

It seems that the pet realized that she was surrounded by friends!

And soon the life of the dog completely changed …

The baby was transported to the United States with the help of the staff of the dog rescue society “The Devoted Barn”. The girl was given a different nickname – now her name is Matsi!

The Husky is currently looking for a new home.

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