The ex-spouses look happy – sick and aged Bruce Willis was noticed with his ex-wife!

Fans were thrilled to see Demi Moore and Bruce Willis reuniting after being seen together. This did not take place in a joyful environment, though.

The 67-year-old “hard nut” shocked the fans last spring when he broke the terrible news that his career was coming to an end. A dangerous brain condition that affects the celebrity has been identified.

The ex-wife and the actor are still in contact; in a recent picture, they were seen standing close to their grown daughter. Willis, who already has difficulty speaking, might soon become completely paralyzed.

The former star can be seen in the shot smiling and showing interest in a little dog that is in his ex-arms.

Unfortunately, the illness has already begun to manifest and has had an impact on Willis’ busy life. He has aged considerably.

The actor’s intellect and speech are both impacted by the illness he has.

Let’s hope Bruce Willis has a long and healthy life.

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