“The exact copy of Jolie”: This woman looks just like Angleina Jolie even without surgeries

People often mistake her for the Hollywood actress

It is not a secret than many women dream to look like Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie. Some women even go too far and turn to plastic surgeons to make them look like Jolie.

However, the case of this woman is quite different. She has never undergone any procedures to look like Angelina Jolie, yet she looks just like the actress! She is said to be the exact copy of the legendary Hollywood actress.

Tatyana appreciates all the positive comments about her appearance and is happy that people sincerely compliment on her.

She mentions that people often mistake her for Angelina Jolia and say that she looks exactly like the actress.

“Incredible resemblance! Unbelievable”, “They are the same person!”.

“Can you find 5 differences?”, “What a beauty!”.

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