The exam will inform you about your present psychological condition and issues

Almost everyone draws scribbles while they are thinking or feeling anxious. Take a pen or pencil and sketch anything haphazardly on a sheet of paper for a few minutes right now. Do you believe these are merely scribbled lines? No, no, no! They can reveal a lot about our present condition as well as our personality features. Compare your drawing to the suggested fragments and select the ones that are most similar. This is going to be all about you.

If you don’t have a pencil available, just pick one scribbling that catches your eye.


1. Crisscross

If you are continuously drawing such scribbles, it indicates that you have two similar aims or desires. Perhaps you are drawn to two separate careers, one of which you have realized, while the other is still appealing or is your pastime. Either you are now at a crossroads, as you have two possibilities for your future living arrangements, but each has roughly an equal amount of advantages and disadvantages. The crucial thing to remember is that these two topics (whatever they are) are equally important to you. What should you do? Of course, try to find a way to execute both, or come up with a sensible compromise. It’s difficult to be always at odds with yourself. Set a definite date for when you will return to the matter to give yourself time to develop your decision.

2. Wavy spiral

You’re working on the future right now. Your activities are intended to broaden the scope of the present project or social relationships. However, you are concerned about an unfinished connection or events that have not come to a close. You wish to mend or finish something so that you may totally commit yourself to current issues and aspirations. As a result, it is vital to form conclusions and grasp what experience to carry forward. Answer the following questions for yourself: “Why did this happen in my life?” “What did I learn from it?” “How can I improve in the future?” Work on the errors, but don’t anticipate the score to be rectified for a long time because the journal has been stored for a long time. Say “thank you” to fate for science and live on, going ahead with the knowledge learned.

3. Lattice

You are now dealing with difficult issues. You react to what happened with stress and responsibility, which has an impact on your physical and emotional health. Nonetheless, every test is an opportunity to grow stronger, acquire new resources, and establish new goals. Difficulties in life show that we have not worked ourselves to the finish in some manner. So, go back on the trodden route and figure out what you need to do for yourself, what chances you have, and what and who you can rely on. Yes, there is now a grate in front of you. But suppose this is a window with the entire universe behind it. And you have the ability to remove the window bars. You have the strength as well as the means to accomplish this.

4. Curls

You are a creative and imaginative individual with immense potential and a unique perspective on the world. You have a lot of ideas and a strong desire to put them into action, but you are unable to prioritize and select the most critical and vital. This is, after all, a rather common situation for the creator. To begin, continue to use logic to determine where you have the most opportunities and cash. That is where you begin. Muses are, of course, females who are temperamental, but they also like it when others pay attention to them. Describe in detail what outcome you want today: a new product, celebrity, or money. Then it will be evident to you which way to go. Consult with a close, authoritative individual if you have one. However, you must make your own decision.

5. Circles

You are now dissatisfied with something, possibly enraged, and everything and everyone appears to be working against you. This sense of essential tension is linked to some unpleasant current events or the failure of hopes. However, if we have these sensations, we may have encountered the true truth. True, the forces used on experiences must be replenished. Take good care of it. Speak with someone in whose opinion you have total faith. If there are none, write a letter to a friend or tell a narrative about what occurred. Remember what helped you regain your spiritual strength. You’ll need resources to get further. Please rate them. Perhaps you forgot about something because you were overcome with emotion. Every crisis represents a new chance. They may not be visible to you, but they feel they are. And you will undoubtedly notice them over time.

6. Blocks

Perhaps you’re in the process of figuring out who you are. You now have the impression that the old world is changing, and you are attempting to preserve it. You also try to start a new life, make goals, and fear that the past will not be able to predict the future. You build up props and cement the past and future, yet this is only a temporary solution. In truth, you have an abundance of building materials that are both robust and of great quality. You only need to figure out what type of sturdy structure you can make out of it. Evaluate all of the blocks (life areas, talents, accomplishments, relationships, and achievements), consider all of the resources, identify assistants, and create an action plan. And the new sustainable structure will be completed. Rethink your life, your acts, and the consequences of your actions. You will notice fresh opportunities. Perhaps just strengthening certain bricks or arranging them in a different sequence would suffice.

7. Concentric spiral

You’re probably trying to achieve harmony and balance in your life. Everyone wants to be in a condition of harmony, but the process is complicated and never-ending. You want everything to be perfect, but it isn’t. Be kind to yourself and others around you. Accept life as it is, with all of its gifts and losses, meetings and goodbyes, pleasures and tragedies. First and foremost, accept yourself, with all of your benefits and shortcomings. Concentrate on your strengths while compensating for your inadequacies. Each individual is one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable. Everyone should make the most of their own lives. If you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re aiming for, take a pause and just live, capturing great moments and appreciating the tiny gifts of fate.

8. Vertical curve

You are living in a tunnel of vibrations that you have produced. On the one hand, you work toward your goals while experiencing ups and downs. It appears to you that everything is the same, that all dreams and endeavors are locked in time and do not produce the desired outcome. Be patient, though, and learn to relax. Fulfilling your desires requires more time. Stop and take a dynamic look at what is going on with you and your life. Are you satisfied? Is there anything you think should be modified or added? Praise yourself for your perseverance and modest accomplishments, then take a pause and re-evaluate by redrawing your life plan to include all of your requirements.

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