The family found an abandoned carrier with a dog trapped inside

From this helpless puppy, his former owners decided to get rid of it in a very cruel way. The poor dog was put into a carrier and left near the road. The dog was lucky that it was discovered in time by caring people.

This story takes place in Arkansas. Father and son rode motorcycles through the rugged countryside. Then they could not even think that a little later they would find out.

Then it was already quite cold outside, suddenly the man noticed some object in the grass near the road. As they got closer, they discovered a broken carrier containing an emaciated and tortured dog. The body of the animal was covered with terrible wounds. All these wounds were the result of a long stay in such conditions, and this was confirmed by the long claws of the animal.

The poor fellow was very frightened by the presence of people and tried to hide in the corner of the carrier. The dog made attempts to free himself from his cage, but alas, they were unsuccessful.

Without hesitation, the men released the poor fellow, after which they immediately fed and watered him. They couldn’t leave him there and decided to take the dog with them.

The next stage of the dog’s life was physical and psychological rehabilitation.

The men did not have the opportunity to keep Charlie with them for a long time, that was the name of the dog now because they already had two other dogs living with them. But after some time, the dog fell in love with the owners so much that they changed their minds about giving it to someone.

Three years have passed since then. Charlie turned out to be a very active and inquisitive pet, so they made him his own personal motorcycle trunk so that they could travel together.

Charlie shares the hobbies of his new owners and enjoys each of their trips together. He is a wonderful pet who is sincerely grateful for his salvation.

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