The fate of a 72-year-old grandmother from Voronezh, who married a 59-year-old African

“My heart has chosen you,” a Voronezh resident saw such a message on her Facebook page.

Soon, a friendly correspondence began between Lyubov Gvozdikova and Jack, and already in September of this year, the couple signed at the local registry office.

Lyubov not so long ago turned 72 years old, and her chosen one recently celebrated his 59th birthday.

The woman confessed, “My relatives scolded me. They do not believe in our feelings and fear that Jack has materialistic intentions. Children and grandchildren cannot believe that a young man could fall in love with a 72-year-old grandmother,” Lyubov sighs.

“But I have nothing to take. I am a pensioner,” says Gvozdikova.

It should be noted that the idyll of the couple did not last long. Jack had to return to his homeland, as his visa had expired. Gvozdikova said that she paid for her beloved ticket.

In his conversation with reporters, Jack said that the family is aware of his wedding, but he does not intend to introduce his wife to his relatives yet. Love believes that soon Jack will return to her:

“I believe I will be happy with Jack.”

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