The Fate of the Members of the Legendary Disco Group ‘Boney M’

In 1974, Frank Farian, a West German producer, recorded the original composition “Baby Do You Wanna Bump,” which was based on the Jamaican song “Al Capone.” In 1975, he released his own version under the pseudonym Boney M.

During that time, there was a popular Australian TV series with the main character named Napoleon “Bonnie” Bonaparte. The letter “M” was added for effect. Later, a legend was created that the “M” supposedly represented the features of four different group members.

The members of the quartet released nine albums, and approximately 200 million copies of their singles were sold, setting an absolute record that even made it into the Guinness World Records. To this day, no one has surpassed this record.

Let’s take a look at what the members of this famous group have been up to after their time in the spotlight.

Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell has been the lead singer of the group since 1975. She continues to tour around the world, even though she’s over 70 years old.

Mitchell, like many Jamaican natives, had an extraordinary musical ear from a young age. She formed a successful ensemble with her friends in school, performing not only on the school stage but also in the city. As the sole performer with a professionally trained voice in the popular group “Boney M,” she was able to fulfill her childhood dream and become a global superstar. In 1989, Frank Farian, the producer, handed over the rights to her for live performances, allowing only her to perform under the name of the famous ensemble.

Since 1979, Liz has been married to American actor Thomas Pemberton, and they have three adult children. The family lives in a large house in London.

Liz still looks great and leads an interesting and fulfilling life.

Marcia Barrett

Marcia Barrett auditioned for Frank Farian when she learned that he was looking for singers and dancers for his group, and she became a full-fledged member of “Boney M.” The audience enthusiastically embraced the dark-skinned singer with a powerful and sexy voice.

A strong woman, Marcia Barrett has fought and won against cancer multiple times. She leads an active life and even participates in musical projects.

The singer has a daughter, whom she gave birth to at the age of 16.

Maizie Williams

Maizie, one of the original members of the legendary project, never participated in the recording of studio songs but performed on the group’s concerts.

Afterward, she continued her career as a solo singer, as well as becoming a model and dancer. Her dance activities help her maintain her excellent shape. She continues to tour with the musicians of the Latvian cello ensemble Melo-M.

Maizie Williams lives in Britain.

Bobby Farrell

The charismatic Bobby Farrell joined the group, adding some diversity to the ensemble of beautiful black women. He was idolized by the legendary group’s fans.

His demanding personality and frequent conflicts with Frank Farian and even the group members led to his dismissal. The fans’ outrage knew no bounds, and in 1984, the producer had to bring Bobby back.

Frank often promoted himself, telling journalists that his talent was not fully realized within the group, even though he was extensively exploited.

He continued to tour under the name Boney M until his death from a heart attack at the age of 61. He has a daughter with a Yugoslav model and singer.

Founder of the group – Frank Farian

The most famous German producer, Frank Farian (real name Franz Reuther), is still known for his incredible work ethic.

He continues to work on new musical projects, produced a musical based on Boney M’s hits, with the premiere in September 2006 in London, and collaborates closely with Hollywood regarding a movie about the history of MILLI VANILLI.

He admits that his career has been much more successful than his personal life.

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