The first meeting between a panda and his mother was so adorable that it managed to melt more than 12 million hearts (video)

They displayed the adorable mother panda and how well she can care for her young child.

Of course, we humans must take all necessary measures to protect them and keep the panda population from declining.

The inability of these organisms to reproduce is one of the primary causes of their extinction.

They require a setting like this, one they can call home and feel at ease in.

In addition, they need to be able to access bamboo, which is their primary food source.

After 30 years of struggle, individuals have succeeded in doubling the population, Chinese officials said in 2021.

All of this is the result of carefully observing reproduction and caring for pandas.

Yes, pandas are now recognized both in China and internationally as a symbol of successful conservation efforts.

It all begins with a mother’s love. We saw firsthand how a mother can care for her child.

When the mother panda arrived and delicately picked up her cub, the panda was already inside the cage.

She then breastfed her child to put an end to his screaming. It was adorable to observe the mother panda grinning as she held the cub.

The zoo also fed the mother panda after their first encounter.

Everyone was in awe of the mother’s affection and concern. She cradles the infant with such care and tenderness that it resembles the mother.

In July, a newborn panda was born, and words just cannot express how lovely this sweet panda’s first encounter with mom was.

They have already succeeded in winning over millions of hearts since they are so lovely and cute.

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