The First Time Big Brothers and Big Sisters Meet a Newborn Baby… (video)

Life for the family is very exciting when an older child meets a newborn baby for the first time. How will the older child respond to the younger one? Will he be terrified, will he grow envious, and will he instantly fall in love with him? These are questions that parents frequently ask. But when you see the kids in our video, it’s obvious that all of that worry was for nothing. They greet their new siblings and brothers with such love that it’s hard to believe they are still young children. 

Children are amazing and hilarious. Their parents will smile and laugh at their antics. You can pass hours observing how they interact and thinking of new ways to amuse yourself. particularly when the kids are little. Parents capture these legendary moments on film and in photographs. This is how kids learn about the world, and it’s also humorous and entertaining for adults. 

Watch this video to see how strange and occasionally amusing it is for young children to meet their recently born siblings who have been brought home from the hospital. While some are impressed, others are surprised. Compared to boys, girls typically behave differently toward their sisters and brothers. Given that they play with dolls and are expecting mothers, this makes sense.


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