The fish visited the dentist – and now enjoys life

Sometimes veterinarians save not only dogs and cats, but also fish, for example. Recently, dentists helped a fish named Goldie, and the patient was more than satisfied with the result of the procedure.

Goldie is a puffer fish that lives in an aquarium in his owners’ house. She is very cheerful and active, however, recently the owner noticed one oddity – he began to worry that Goldie’s tooth was growing excessively.

Pufferfish teeth “merge” into one. This structure allows them to easily gnaw on mollusks, which make up their main diet. But for some reason, in recent months, Goldie’s teeth have grown faster than usual – and the owner decided to take her to the vets.

Doctors recommended sharpening the tooth to make the fish more comfortable. This was done using a special dental machine, after giving Goldie a sedative to reduce stress. As a result, the fish bravely withstood the procedure.

Now Goldie pleases everyone around with her new smile, and it has become much more convenient for her to eat! Just look at this happy and cheerful beauty:

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