The foxes, which were live exhibits, were saved by a nice girl (video)

Kimberly, a young American, is a true fox fanatic, or as her friends refer to her, “the crazy fox queen.” We tell a touching story about her furry charges.

 Kim is a New York State licensed volunteer and a passionate animal rights activist. She routinely nurtures rescued animals of diverse types on her three-acre property before releasing them back into the wild. In addition to Kimberly, fifteen foxes dwell here on a regular basis, and the destiny of some of them may have been tragic if the girl had not intervened. 

As a result, she removed Judy from the farm, where the baby may die. However, her dogs are essentially honorary retirees. She collected them from various amusement parks, petting zoos, and even laboratories. 

These creatures have been kept in captivity since birth, and some have even been kept indoors with no access to fresh air. As a result, she does not want to release them into the wild. They now have big cages as well as a large neighboring space for sports and walks. The majority of the foxes have grown completely tame, enthusiastically responding to the voice of their savior. However, the married couple Cleo and Tundra cherish the girl’s particular affection.

 They met in a girl’s house and did not meet in the wild for no apparent reason. It’s incredible, yet they also appear strange. 

Tundra is a typical red fox, although its hue is distinctive. He resembles his lover Cleo, an arctic fox or an arctic fox. His fur coat is white and gray with black patches. Tandra did not welcome Kimberly right away, and she had to be cautious at first because the fox was highly hostile and fiercely snapped at any efforts to touch his fur.


 Even now, knowing that he is adored, he expresses his displeasure by clicking his teeth. Cleo, on the other hand, was afraid and nervous when she arrived at the “fox refuge,” and despite all attempts to come closer, she hid in a corner and wailed heartbreakingly. Kim’s choice to bring them together was ideal. The foxes not only got along well, but they eventually stopped perceiving Kimberley as a threat. 

Now she adores this loving couple, and they respond to her in the same way, stroking and demanding attention. Foxes, according to the girl, are unexpectedly intelligent, curious, and lovely creatures. They are self-sufficient, they like playing with members of the “pack,” whether it is a dog or a person, and they have an amazing mustache!

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