The garbageman and the sweet labrador formed such a unique friendship, that simply amazed everyone

Lily has been waiting for her closest friend to arrive on Fridays for the past two years.

Every meeting they have is just great. It concerns David, the local trash collector.

The problem is that Lily has always been quite friendly and enjoyed being petted by strangers.

However, everything appeared to be different this time.

One day, she started to realize that every Thursday, her family members would remove the trash from the curb, and the following day, a guy would arrive with a truck and remove it.

Lily would go out to the yard and wait for him to arrive so that she could welcome him.

Naturally, David could not refuse the dog’s grin and invitation to be friends after receiving such a great and loving greeting.

Lily consequently jumps up and down in delight and excitement whenever they meet one another.

David, who always performed his duties as required, appeared to be very happy in his life.

When it comes to Lily’s owner, she doesn’t mind at all and even always appreciates their warm and peculiar bond, which has developed into the cutest thing in the world.

Every year, family members present gifts to their garbageman, who they refer to as their dog’s greatest friend because of the way he treats the animal.

Lily has numerous friends, but her relationship with David is very different.

We don’t often witness such a charming friendship.

They are so adorable that one could gaze upon them forever.

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