The girl already despaired of catching the dog thrown into the field, and already began to cry

On the way from the Kuban, Katerina and her husband stopped in a field. Coming out of the car, the girl suddenly saw two small and very thin puppies, and later their mother appeared. She looked just as haggard.

Katerina fed the animals with what she had with her, and upon arrival home, she began to look for help on social networks. She wanted the dogs to be helped to capture and send to a shelter. But no one responded.

The girl drove their dogs every day, but it was not possible to catch them. Fortunately, a volunteer named Inna from Kursk agreed to help.

Thanks to my friends, I managed to find the traps. Arriving at the designated place, they were able to pick up the puppies, but things were the same with their mother – they could not get closer than 100 meters to her.

The babies were placed in foster care. And Katya still hoped that she would soon be able to pick up her mother. One day she dropped everything and went to the dog. She did not let her come close, and the girl, in despair, began to cry, realizing that leaving her here would doom her to certain death.

But the unexpected happened. The dog, seeing how the girl was crying, began to howl and crawl closer. Katya quickly tried to build a collar from laces and a belt, but there was no need for this.

The dog did not run away, and then calmly rode in the car. The long-awaited meeting with the puppies was incredibly touching.

Now the dog family has already adapted to life next to other animals, and they are happy to be friends with them.

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