The girl left a prestigious job and settled in the forest to care for sick dogs

Once Daria Pushkareva worked as a cameraman and photographer. One day, she decided to leave her well-paid job to start her own dog shelter.

Interestingly, for a long time, Daria was afraid of dogs. This is the result of my grandmother’s upbringing. For her, these animals are carriers of infections and rabies. The appearance of any dog ​​necessarily meant a bite.

Pushkareva was afraid of dogs for a very long time. But one day, after a working day, she and her friends went to a barbecue. Suddenly a yard dog ran up to her. But the animal was not going to bite Daria. On the contrary, the dog buried his muzzle in her leg. So the fear is gone.

Daria couldn’t afford to buy a dog due to her busy work schedule. But on the other hand, she financially helped several shelters.

Then came the 2008 crisis. There was almost no work. But then there was time for dogs. She began taking pictures of dogs in shelters and posting them online.

So she helped people and animals meet each other.

She herself by that time already had seven ponytails. Daria and her husband decided that it was impossible to live in an apartment with such a conclusion. Therefore, they moved to a private house away from the big city. Here their shelter began to grow by leaps and bounds.

Soon they had a hundred dogs. Moreover, almost all animals had some kind of flaws, because of which they were abandoned. Deaf, blind, and dogs with problems with the musculoskeletal system found shelter at Pushkareva.

Daria’s husband supported her in these endeavors and took care of the dogs himself. In addition to dogs, foxes and other fur-bearing animals found salvation in the shelter.

It is impossible to imagine how much money it takes to feed all the pets. Daria found a remote job, so she is always close to her pets. In addition, there were many caring people who now help her.

Once, Pushkareva’s husband had to leave for the night for work. Daria herself could not light the stove. In order not to freeze, she warmed herself by hugging the dogs. The woman calls herself “Queen-Dogmom”.

When a woman is asked why she takes care of sick dogs, she replies: “For the sake of the funny faces that I see every day.”

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