The girl saved 350 cats, giving them all a new life

Zanda Indriksone, who lives in Latvia, at first glance, is the most ordinary girl, but she already has hundreds of saved cat lives behind her.

Today we will tell you about this incredible girl who starts her day in search of abandoned and crippled pets.

For her, there are no days off, no holidays, this is the work of her whole life. When the tailed ones get into her house, real miracles truly happen to them! Thanks to her love and care, little flies turn into healthy and happy cats.

After Zanda takes care of the pets, she is looking for new owners for them. The girl has already saved 350 little souls from life on the street, and maybe from death … And she is not at all going to stop there. “This is just the beginning! There are still so many ponytails around that need help!” Zanda says.

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