The girl was carrying a helpless kitten home, and behind her, a cat was running after her with hope

On a typical Saturday afternoon, a girl named Hannah was working with her boyfriend in the garden when they suddenly discovered a small kitten. He looked very deplorable, completely wet, dirty, sticky wool, and had a very emaciated body. With his loud meow, he called for help, feeding on attracting attention.

The kitten was very lucky to be noticed by this couple, as they are very fond of animals. Without hesitation, Hannah took the kitten and headed into the house. Suddenly, she heard the clatter of another unfortunate kitten behind her. It was the sister of the first foundling, who also badly needed help.

Both babies suffered greatly from an incredible amount of fleas. And the first thing the girl did was to help them get rid of them. The girl was named Yara, and her brother Julius.

Both kittens stayed in the house of Hannah and her boyfriend. Yara has a calm and accommodating character, and her brother is still that tomboy. Kittens love to frolic around the house and climb Hannah from feet to shoulders. Also, another pet lives in the house – the dog Bruce, who is responsible for looking after the kids.

Helpless kids are very lucky to meet kind people who did not leave them to their fate. Now they are one big and friendly family.

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