The girl went from 320 kilograms to 80 kilograms and is now a true beauty!

The most important people in a child’s life are his or her parents. They offer dependable back and protection. When there is discord in the family, the greatest blow is dealt to them. As a result, whatever happens between adults, they must do everything possible to ensure that their children are never harmed.

Today we’ll talk about a girl who jeopardized her health and life because she was worried about her family.

It just so happened that Christina Phillips’ family was rife with parent-child feuds. The girl was very concerned about this, and her only outlet was food.

Stress eating became a habit, and uncontrolled eating resulted in extra pounds and obesity.

Excess weight hampered the girl’s life, but she made no attempt to address the issue. She stopped leaving the house and was extremely shy in public. Over time, the accumulated kilograms caused Christina to be unable to fully walk or even serve herself on a daily basis.

As a result, the doctors informed the girl that her life was in danger because she was only 22 years old and that if she did nothing, everything could turn out disastrously. 

So Phillips made the decision to drastically alter her life. She auditioned for a popular TV show in which a nutritionist and fitness trainer assist a person in losing weight.

Christina first had her excess fat surgically removed. She then underwent extensive rehabilitation and training. She was also shown how to eat properly and healthily. The hard work has paid off. In total, the girl lost up to 80 kilograms after starting at 320 kilograms!

She is no longer afraid to look in the mirror, go out, shop, and so on. Christina would remember for the rest of her life that the most important rule for maintaining the results she had achieved was systematic training and proper nutrition.

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