The good-hearted couple saved the young sloth, who was screaming in agony after being wedged between two stones

That there are so many decent individuals in the world is very lovely.

The couple was once strolling along Colombia’s coast when they abruptly heard a peculiar sound.

It resembled sobbing more. It came out that the tiny sloth was immobile because it was wedged between two stones.

He was in desperate need of assistance, but he was fortunate that neighbors heard him and responded, saving his life.

The infant was in this state due to a storm that occurred the previous evening.

The animal was soaked in salt water and had sand in its eyes as the pair arrived to help the infant and take it outside.

However, as they approached the terrified animal, he started to cry louder, so they refrained from removing him straight away.

They made the decision to search the area in the hopes that his mother could be nearby.

When they were certain there was no other sloth there, however, they scooped up the infant, placed it in a box, and left it for home.

Rosalia gently cleaned the infant’s eyes before Ronald wrapped him in a nice cloth.

The couple began seeking a spot where they could take care of the infant because they had no idea what sloths ate.

Fortunately, there was an animal shelter close to their home, so they took the infant there and explained his rescue to the caretakers.

The pair went back home, exhausted but quite happy.

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