The guy calls for help when he sees someone fluffy and terrified on Highway Median

John Debacker was aware that he needed to take all available precautions to save the cat that had become lost on a New York City freeway.

The devoted cat rescuer, who was more than 30 minutes away, hurried over to help. Debacker told The Dodo, “At the time when I arrived up, I truly missed him right immediately.

I just missed him. Then I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw him sitting near the partition.

Debacker pulled over a few feet ahead of him and went up the left lane to get as near to the cat as he could.

“I didn’t want to have to travel around again and incur the danger of the cat escaping,” said Debacker.

The automobiles were approaching me so swiftly that I was kind of gesturing at them to make room. When automobiles passed by, Debacker realized that the cat must have been far more frightened than he was.

The cat suddenly materialized in front of Debacker, confirming his fears. “He was quite scared,” Debacker said. He wasn’t even making any noise, and he wasn’t even moving.”

As soon as Debacker went back to his car to get a net, the cat fled. The cat was apparently attempting to run down the partition and try to enter the sewer, according to Debacker.

Thankfully, he didn’t fit, so I quickly captured him. Debacker grabbed the kitten and carried him to a secure location in his trusty net before he could get into any more precarious situations. At first, the cat resisted going with Debacker, but ultimately accepted that he was secure.” When I initially received him, he was hissing and everything,” said Debacker.

He turned out to be the cutest cat, though, once I got him into my flat.
To discover whether anybody had reported a cat missing, Debacker searched through the local phone directories, but he was unable to locate the cat’s household.

As a result, he decided to leave the cat in foster care while his close friends helped him locate the animal in a forever home.

He traveled to my friend Kacia Caprariello’s house, where she fostered him for a few weeks, according to Debacker. My other acquaintance, Virginia Scudder, helped me locate a place for him to live.

The cat, which was given the formal name Bell, was finally placed in the ideal forever home by the team. Now healthy, neutered and chipped, the cat.

He’s currently leading a good life, luckily, Debacker said. If he hadn’t been saved, the result would not have been the same at all.

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