The guy was walking in the mountains and found a hidden room that no one opened for 80 years

Sometimes the study of old abandoned places leads to absolutely sensational finds. A man named Vincent Michel just discovered something unusual when he went to an ancient quarry. You will learn more about Vincent’s adventure thanks to us.

In general, Vincent works as a physical education teacher in a secondary school somewhere in Belgium, but in his spare time, he likes to walk in nature. One day he climbed into the mountains, into an abandoned quarry.

Well prepared physically, the man went downstairs, examined the quarry, and realized that they wanted to disguise this place. In the depths of the room, he found a door that led to … In the storage of old cars. In total, about 80 vehicles were able to fit in a small room.

The vault was separated from the quarry with a wooden door that Vincent Michel was able to open. The man took many pictures of the found rusted cars from the last century. He hardly guesses who and why decided to leave so many cars here.

Social media users have put forward several theories. Either smuggler kept illegally exported vehicles here, or the vehicles were hidden before the war and simply could not be taken away. Be that as it may, this “car cemetery” looks quite creepy.

Probably, these machines will remain in the quarry until the end of time. All due to the fact that they are too fragile and rusty to survive transportation. In any case, no one expressed a desire to rescue this neglected rarity.

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