The guy went into the aviary to the lioness with the kids. Here’s how she reacted to it! (video)

Someone has a talent for drawing or singing, and someone for training. Training is also creativity in its own way. Just look at the heights this guy has reached! This video is about an amazing man named Kevin Richardson! He is so famous among trainers that almost everyone talks about him! The guy is a professional in training wild cats. These are not domestic cats and dogs.

You probably thought that a man uses whips, sticks, and collars, but no. The tools of education are love and care! Thanks to this, the cats accept him as one of their pack. He can even go to the cat’s cage and just sleep. Cats trust him to play with their kittens. Can you imagine how amazing their connection is? On top of that, he carries a real cougar right in his car! It will obviously be interesting for you to look at the relationship between this guy and his cats from the outside.

Then take a look!

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