The heartbroken dog refused to leave the door after they took her grandpa to the hospital…

Lea is a loving German shepherd who constantly expresses her affection in a unique way.

Recently, a remarkably devoted dog demonstrated this in the most exquisite and tragic way.

He recently demonstrated how much he misses his grandfather and how tough it is for him when his loved ones are in difficulty when his grandfather had to spend the night in the hospital.

Lea is adored by everyone, but grandfather and the dog have an unexplainable bond.

From the moment they first met, it was clear.

But one night, grandpa developed unforeseen medical issues, so they rushed him to the hospital.

Their puppy found it particularly difficult since she became quite unhappy when she learned that her grandfather would not be returning home that day.

The grieving dog stayed at the door the entire time. Grandpa was all she wanted back with him.

Snyder’s father, thankfully, was already doing better and came home the next day.

Lea got so ecstatic that she struggled to convey her joy.

The adorable puppy eventually relaxed because she was once again with her loving owner and didn’t require anything else to make her happy.

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