The heartwarming moment a blind elephant is brought to the sanctuary and is warmly greeted by the elephant herd! (video)

The wildlife keeps surprising us with new discoveries. It seems that elephants are capable of feeling compassion. 

Ploy Tong, an elephant, spent 30 years performing in a circus. She carried tourists on her back from morning to night every day. The elephant couldn’t see! 

Thankfully, members of the Volunteer Foundation “Save the Elephant” learned about her and intervened to save her. She was given the opportunity to begin a new life in the Elephant Natural Park thanks to the rescuers.

Ploy was touched by the way the elephant herd welcomed her when she was brought to the natural park. Elephants welcomed the newcomer to their herd with joy. The elephant was pleased with the nice welcome! 

She genuinely missed talking to elephants. All she did for the long 30 years was amuse people and carry visitors on her back! 

She was struck by the trunks of elephants who appeared to be standing by her and extending their sympathies. Ploy was overjoyed to acquire such an engaging and considerate approach because she had never had any pals. 

Watch this moving scene in the video down below!


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