The husky dog managed to melt millions of hearts who take excellent care of the newborn baby

Since the first day the baby was born, Millie has been at Daisy’s side, and the two have become close companions.

These two genuinely like one another and find it impossible to conceive of living separate lives.

Daisy grins every time she sees the adorable puppy since she adores her so much.

Despite Millie’s size, Daisy is not at all frightened of her and even allows the large dog to embrace her.

Even Daisy’s parents are beginning to wonder if their closeness is a result of Millie believing she is Daisy’s mother.

They make such a fantastic team that you could spend all day admiring them.

Simply said, having a dog is wonderful for kids since it can make newborns happy and can assist to raise dopamine and serotonin levels.

Children’s immune systems are strengthened when they live with a dog as young children.

She begins to lick and smell the infant’s face, which is how they are known to assess the infant’s well-being.

This supports what Daisy’s parents already knew because mother dogs frequently behave in this way with their young.

She pays close attention to the infant to make sure everything is well.

Daisy is completely at ease around her, and she even watches out for Daisy while she is sleeping.

She encircles Daisy with her gentle paws to increase her sense of security.

They are extremely lovely and kind.

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