The ill dog roamed the streets for years. One day, it fell asleep on the porch of the lady who changed her life

“She was very sad, but I immediately realized she would stay with me.”

Old and sickly, Solo is a stray dog. She lived a short, harsh existence on Los Angeles’s streets. She eventually got to this porch, sat down, and slept off.

She has had a life change that would make any other dog jealous.

The housekeeper discovered the unfortunate puppy and gave it the name “Nightingale,” which translates to “I arrived alone” in Spanish.

Instead of taking it as the families had done, she put it in a dog kennel. But ultimately everyone gave it back because Solo was too disturbed and aged.

Carol, though, realized she wanted to take it away one day after reading Solo’s tale and viewing a photo of her online.

The fact that the dog’s name is Han Solo, one of the film’s key characters, pleased Carol because she adored “Star Wars.” Carol remembers, “She was quite depressed, but I knew she would stay with me.”

Solo didn’t eat much when she initially arrived at Carol’s home and kept flinching whenever someone tried to pat her. Solo suffered from painful tooth decay and hearing loss.

All of Carol’s problems were gently handled. She switched on the light so she wouldn’t be scared and went inside Solo’s room. She merely cared for her teeth and cherished them.

Over time, alone evolved into an entirely different species.

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