The instructor dug into the snow to see how the rescue dog would look for him (video)

Will there be global warming or not, there is still a lot of snow. And people love to walk along it, which is why they often find themselves in snow captivity, falling to a fair depth. To save them, you must first find them, but how to do this? With the help of trained rescue dogs and we have a unique first-hand video of how they work!

This is Flo, she is 4 years old and she is a snow rescuer.

No matter how good the dogs are, no one canceled training. Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England believes that it is necessary not only to keep fit but also to regularly pass tests that take place in the most real, real, and harsh conditions. Dogs are looking for objects hidden deep under the snow, imitating people in distress.

But this time they decided to complicate everything, plus make a video about how difficult and important the work of rescue dogs is. One of the instructors personally dug deep into the snow, completely hiding in it. The task of the dog is to find a person before he freezes.

At first, nothing is clear, and then the ubiquitous nose appears!

Flo aggressively digs the snow, desperately making his way to the man!

Everything ended well, Flo did a great mission and received a well-deserved reward!


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