The kitty rescued from very hot weather fell in love with his foster mother

He feels happy and loved.

In hot weather, the cat was discovered in a house’s yard.

Now that everything has changed, he is enjoying a lovely life.

He appeared to acquire a new lease on life after visiting there.

In time, a kind Samaritan discovered him and delivered him from the oppressive heat.

He was still quite tiny and couldn’t get by on his own. He required attention at all times.

The kitten took a bath, ate some delectable food, and then eventually warmed up to its new surroundings.

He was already feeling quite at ease, and he was not afraid to let everybody who approached him see how kind he was.

The kitten received first-rate care and had all her needs met.

His foster mother Haley gave her the name Lavender, and he really adored her.

The adorable cat was first rather frightened, but everything quickly changed after just one day.

He was already aware the next morning that he was under the care of the kindest folks and had nothing to be concerned about. He is filled with joy and love.

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