The life of the only sextuplets girls in the world after 30 years

Janet and Graham Walton were eager to start a family. Their natural desire to have children, however, quickly transformed into a real-life test. Janet attempted to conceive multiple times over the course of several years. But all in vain.

Finally, the couple decided to attempt assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Regrettably, that didn’t help either. Janet was unable to conceive despite twelve attempts. The couple’s hopes were beginning to dwindle when a miracle occurred. Janet became pregnant on her 13th ART try.

Janet and Graham were overjoyed when they found out they were expecting a child.

All of their agonies appeared to be over. They were anticipating the arrival of their first kid with bated breath. However, when Janet’s doctor checked her in the eighth week of her pregnancy, it was discovered that she would become the mother of not one, but six children!

Janet and Graham were taken aback by the news. They didn’t anticipate so many children, at least not all at once.

Janet was quickly admitted to the hospital and had to stay there until the babies were born. Because having so many children at once increases the danger of miscarriage, the mother-to-be needed to be under strict medical monitoring.

Janet gave birth to six healthy girls on November 18, 1983, when she was 31 weeks pregnant. The infants were delivered by cesarean section at a Liverpool hospital and became the world’s first sextuplets.

After physicians determined that the girls were healthy and not in danger, they were released from the hospital in January 1984.

“At 31 weeks pregnant, they were born healthily. Two of the daughters were placed in incubators because their lungs did not develop in the pregnancy,” Graham’s father said to The Guardian.

Hannah, Ruth, Lucy, Kate, Jenny, and Sarah’s miraculous delivery was followed by the whole world. Their lives were going to be unlike most others.

Janet and Graham spent roughly 11,000 diapers every year on their children’s diapers and scarcely slept for the first several years of their life.

Their parenting routine began to resemble a never-ending loop of feeding, diaper changes, and brief sleep.

Graham and Janet had a terrible time not just in their initial years as new mothers, but throughout their lives.

For many years, parents could not relax in school, studies, girl puberty, and all of this for six daughters at the same time.

The Walton family’s existence has always been fraught with anxiety!

“The girls’ early years passed them by unaware… The one thing I regret is that there wasn’t enough time to set aside anxieties and simply enjoy the life of our large family,” Janet says.

Despite the fact that they were constantly pressed for time, Graham and Janet cherished and were proud of their girls.

In the house, happiness and joy reigned supreme. The sisters’ bond with one another was and continues to be extremely strong.

The sextuplets are already 39 years old. They are now grownups and accomplished individuals.

Some of them married and started families of their own. Sarah was the first of the sisters to have a child, giving birth to Yorgi in 2014.


Graham and Janet Walton’s family will increase sixfold, and they will be delighted grandparents.

“I adored raising and teaching our daughters,” Janet says of her grandchild. I can’t claim one stage of their lives was superior to another. It’s simply that there was always so much to do that we couldn’t completely appreciate our family’s existence. It’s not the same with grandkids,” Janet explained.

We are confident that Yorga will have a lovely childhood with such a large and kind family! It’s great that Graham and Janet can now spend time with their granddaughter without feeling stressed or rushed.

We are certain that additional grandkids will join the family soon!

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