The little boy adopts the oldest unwanted dog from a shelter, which makes him happy until his last days

Tristan decided to adopt Shey after realizing that he could care for him.

Nobody is able to comprehend how some people might uproot and discard their animals. This family left their dog, Shey, with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa after moving away.

The ensuing four months saw the 14-year-old tiny poodle, who was virtually toothless, mostly blind, and deaf, wait patiently for adoption.

Tristan, a little boy, didn’t give a damn about any of that. The tiny youngster asked for a cuddly puppy when he got to the shelter. The employees at the shelter, who are quite friendly, introduced him to Shey.

The dog’s health necessitates particular care, Tristan was also told. Tristan then decided that he could take care of Shey and decided to adopt him.

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