The little dog carries a sign on its back promoting its owner’s store

The best promotion and the best helper ever seen.

There are people who are willing to do anything insane for their dogs because they love them so much. On the other hand, some animals even offer their life to their owners. Eliot Veneno assists his owners with their daily tasks but does not compromise his morals to work with them.

For the locals of Tula de Allende, Mexico, the Felipe Carbajal Arcia market has essentially turned into a tourist destination. The cause? A friendly dog with a placard hanging from its back that says the wording. «Marinated wings at a discount. Come with me.”

Eliot Venom, the puppy’s name, went everywhere with his owners. He is the owner of the market’s chicken stand. The playful and helpful dog even employs many signs to direct clients to their owners at the venue’s entrance.

The ‘’ epidemic has severely impacted trade and the local economy in Tula de Allende, where Eliot resides with his owners. The river that runs through the town spilled in September 2021, resulting in a second disaster. Eliot’s proprietors were keen to find a strategy to market their company and boost sales for the same reason.

Considering that they had been getting meager payments for their poultry for over two years. The lightbulb over their heads began to illuminate at that precise time. They also decided that Eliot Veneno would serve as their new store’s “face” and assist them in selling more chicken at the fair.

Clients and other tenants have been impressed by Eliot’s readiness to utilize the placards without attempting to remove them or do anything else. Those who took pictures of him on social media to praise his accomplishments. The most effective influencer was Eliot Veneno.

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