The little orphan squirrel got so excited by his present that he couldn’t get enough of it

He was transferred to a wildlife sanctuary since his family’s nest had been totally destroyed.

When he was prepared, they intended to release him into the wild, but as it turned out later, he had some medical problems.

As a result, he will never be able to survive on his own in the wild.

Whatever the case, they are making every effort to make it happen. He still has a ways to go, that much is obvious.

Thumbelina is currently content with his life at the center, where he is given excellent care.

His pink doughnut crib, wet paper towels, toys, and of course his avocado are among the items they always make sure he has around.

He simply enjoys that and finds it impossible to live without it. Since he arrived, Thumbelina has gotten several different gifts, but his most recent one is his favorite.

He was so thrilled to receive the avocado that he couldn’t wait to open it and discover what was inside.

He started tearing open his gift right away and was ecstatic when he finally realized what it was.

“When he saw it, his eyes instantly lit up. Santa wanted him to have it because it would cheer him up. Everything took place in such a manner.”

Thumbelina simply likes it and couldn’t imagine receiving anything finer than an avocado.

He may soon be ready to be released into the wild, but for the time being, he is living life to the utmost.

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