The lucky dog that survived being abandoned in the cold snow is now starting a new life (video)

So happy he was rescued and has a good forever home.

Stryker POWs had no idea how the dog ended up lying in the snow for two days when they received the call about her. Was she there because she was sick, or was she hurt after an incident?

She was completely covered in a blanket of snow, and the only reason she was breathing was because the temperature was below freezing. Nobody knows how the dog actually survived two days in the bitter cold. She could barely move and had to be in a static position. Instead, she let the rescuers put her in a cage so they could take her to the doctor.

She was given the greatest name for a girl who was sneezing—Snow White. When they got to the vet, they started trying to warm up her little body with IV infusions. Her age was estimated by the veterinarian to be just three years old. She truly lacked tags, nobody recognized her, and people now think she was abandoned.

They did everything they could for the adorable little puppy. It took some time for her to be able to walk on her own after they had her body properly heated. But miraculously, she managed to live, and by day two, she was able to move about and even go outside.

Snow White had a difficult time recovering since she also acquired [i.l.l]. She needed some time and patience, but three months after being rescued from the snow, she finally had her very own forever home. There, she was prospering and even had canine pals.

Sad to say, pets like Snow White are constantly put to sleep. But happily, there are those like the “Stray Paws” rescues who do everything they can to help. They have genuine heroes who work nonstop to save as many victims as they can.

Despite everything she has been through, she is such a wonderful, joyful child. I’m very happy Snow White was saved, given medical attention, and then adopted into a devoted “fur-ever” family.

Thank you for saving this poor abandoned pup. God bless you for rescuing me.

Watch the video below:

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