The man found shabby, sick puppies in the forest and could not leave them to their fate

On a cold winter morning, a man named Martin, as usual, went to his work. Nothing looked forward to trouble when suddenly plaintive squeaks came from the bushes.

Martin decided to go check what strange sounds were coming from there, coming closer, he froze from what he saw. Six bald puppies were sitting in the bushes, huddled close to each other, trying at least to get a little warm.

The man carefully examined the territory, the mother of the poor fellows was nowhere near. The man could not leave them to the mercy of fate and at the same moment took the kids to a local shelter.

From the puppies came such an unpleasant smell that in order to bathe them, the shelter staff had to wear masks.

After a complete examination, it became clear that the babies suffer from scabies, hypothermia, and severe exhaustion. Also due to the lack of wool, it was impossible to determine the breed.

The babies were later taken to a veterinary college where they were treated for scabies. After that, they found families for overexposure. Where they were able to undergo a full rehabilitation course.

After some time, thanks to therapeutic baths and good nutrition, the puppies began to recover. They began to grow thick white hair.

When the pets finally got stronger, it became clear that they belonged to the Pyrenean rock.

A few months later, shabby defenseless puppies turned into beautiful, large puppies. Now it remains only to find them a home and a loving family.

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