The man mocked the ugly dog until he learnt his story

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, people say, adding that the eyes are the true mirror of the soul. The story of a one-and-a-half-year-old mixed shepherd and husky and her owner, Joel Werman, completely confirms these well-known facts. 

The puppy was a stray in Romania, but tragedy struck when he was just a few months old. The animal did not have enough time to avoid being hit by a train. Although the dog survived the impact, the front half of its bones and its muzzle were crushed. The downed mestizo lingered by the train rails and would have perished if help had not arrived quickly. Fortunately, she was discovered in time by compassionate individuals and sent to the Association of Veterinarians’ mobile mission. 

The puppy was given a second chance by the organization and given the name Moaka, which means “small face” in Romanian. Doctors struggled for the puppy’s life for five hours, but the infant had to have the broken bones and snout removed. Volunteers were unable to return her to the street because they were concerned that an animal with such severe injuries would perish in the cold. Furthermore, the dog’s new appearance makes it unlikely that she will be adopted.

Photos of Moaka and her story were put on the organization’s website in the hope that a compassionate soul may come across them and provide refuge and warmth to the beleaguered dog. And thus it came to pass. A 21-year-old man from the Netherlands was looking for a new pet when he came across a picture of a mestizo. Joel’s initial reaction was one of astonishment and amusement, as he confused Moaka for a peculiar pug. 

Later, when he read about her exploits, he got a knot in his throat and felt terrible for the cat. Wareman immediately contacted the site’s management and stated that he wanted to adopt the puppy. Joel saw Moaka in his hometown two and a half weeks later, after completing all of the appropriate papers. They were together on New Year’s Eve. The young man stated that this is the first dog he has rescued, but he will not stop there. 

By developing the website, Joel arranged a fundraiser for the Association that saved his dog. He is committed to contributing part of the funds to help other animals while also raising the funds required to restore Moaka’s face. According to him, the mixed breed is in good condition and suffers no discomfort as a result of her loss of a nose.

 However, when she eats or drinks, she frequently makes a big mess, and Moaka is unable to grip little items. In every other way, she is a lively and joyful young dog. It is worthwhile to get to know her better, and her looks will lose significance.

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