The man noticed five sick and bald puppies on the side of the road

A man, a resident of the northeastern state of New Jersey (USA), was driving along the highway one day and noticed five sick,  hairless puppies on the side of the road. They sat in a bunch on the side of the road. Obviously, someone just threw the objectionable kids out.

The person who found them understood that it was impossible to leave defenseless animals alone. They cannot survive without their mother.

There was a stray dog ​​shelter in South Jersey. A man called there and asked for the puppies to be taken away.

Employees came for them and took everyone to the veterinarian. Literally, every puppy was tormented by scabies, as well as an eye infection and ulcers all over the body. Almost all of their hair fell out.

And the dog cubs were very emaciated, thin. Where were they before, and who brought them to such a state? The kids were treated very badly.

The poor thing suffered a lot. But at the shelter, they impressed the employees with their friendliness and affection.

The dogs were about 5.5 months old. The doctor prescribed them a course of treatment with antibiotics, and eye medicines. He also prescribed therapeutic baths. Add good food and care to this.

These puppies found a place for overexposure. They got along well in the shelter with the rest of the animals.

Volunteers have great faith that all five will be adopted in about one month. True, the final date will show how quickly their recovery will go.

And one more thing, no less important. From now on, no one will treat puppies cruelly. The workers of the shelter are looking for really kind and decent hosts for them.

Of course, they will try to find the person who threw the puppies away. Also, no one knows yet the state of the mother and father of these puppies. Maybe they need help too.

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