The muzzle of a cat peeking out of the trash can with eyes huge with fear

Among the piles of scrap metal and industrial garbage cans at the factory sat a small fluffy kitten, which clearly should not have been there.

Fortunately, one of the factory employees managed to see the baby with eyes wide open from fear.

The muzzle of the pet looked out from the corner of the trash can – the baby was stuck. One of the factory workers even said that the poor man looked like a “sticker”.

Of course, the cat needed help to get out of the difficult situation in which he found himself.

Rescuing the animal was not an easy task!

The factory workers turned to the rescuers for help, and volunteers from the animal protection society Victoria soon arrived at the scene. An inspector named Marie immediately realized that no amount of lubricant would help free the cat’s face.

Then the fire department intervened. People used an angle crusher to free the pet.

The rescued pet turned out to be a kitty named Piper. The baby was very scared but clearly relieved. The baby was wrapped in some warm towels to keep her warm.

The cat was given to a foster family, where she grows up and gains weight.

Factory employees are very happy that Piper managed to save and get out of the trap safe and sound. When the baby gets better, the animal protection society Victoria will find her a home.

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