The oldest gymnast astonished the crowd at the festival in Germany (videos)

She is 92 years old, but this oldest gymnast in the world demonstrates that she is still able to execute remarkable gymnastic routines and astonish the crowd.

Meet Johanna Quaas, a former professional gymnast from Germany who provides Good Times.

While most athletes even half her age find it difficult to perform such tricks, this oldest gymnast shows her strength, talent, and years of training like no other.

This is exactly what Kwaas did during her performance at the International German Gymnastics Festival in Berlin in June 2017. And she finished fourth. However, this is a tremendous accomplishment!


She was named the oldest active gymnast by Guinness World Records in 2012, at the age of 86, but that hasn’t stopped her from competing. Quaas stated that she would continue to do so till she died.

Extreme sports and an active grandma are two of her favorite things. For example, this summer, in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom’s visit to Germany, a woman the same age as Johanna Kwaas opted to parachute jump. The athletic grandma makes time for her family, having raised three children.

At 91, this is her program.

She is now 92 years old.

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